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If DSL or cable isn't enough and you're ready for a T1 or if you're tired of those high phone bills, then Y·net Solutions, providing business service voip and high speed wireless, has what you are looking for. Our T1 is 1.5 Mbps (1,500,000 bits per second), duplex, meaning that, (unlike most cable and DSL), you have full throughput for both uploads and downloads. Also unlike most cable and DSL, we guarantee the performance of our service with an industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees uptime, latency and throughput.

We own our entire network. Unlike our wired competitors and voip providers, we do not rent wires from telephone companies to reach your business meaning that we can offer market shattering prices and delivery times.

Voip Service Provider

Free your Business from The Phone Company and SAVE Substantially!

Y·net Solutions is perhaps the best connection to support voip , or voice over ip (internet protocol), applications because Y·net Solutions system can give priority to voip (and any other applications you decide are mission critical). In this way, your telephone service can run over your Y·net Solutions connection. Your business can totally bypass the phone company, and save substantially! Wireless internet phone system for business saves money and provides greater flexibility.

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Hosted solutions – all voice over ip lines include basic features (click here for details).
One time set up fee may apply

Installation Costs

Installation costs are dependant on the length of the service contract.

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