Why Fixed Wireless Internet Access Provider?

Y·net Solutions offers fixed wireless internet access as a substitute for cable based high speed internet access. This service also provides a business solution voip.

Fixed wireless does not need satellite feeds, a government license or even local telephone services.

The equipment utilized by fixed wireless systems for the connection is just a small-sized, economical microwave antenna attached to a radio at the customer's location. This equipment is directed towards our access point which will usually be some type of tall structure to create a wireless local loop. Although wireless networking is not very well-known, it is fundamentally distinctive from wired services because of its transport speed and most among other features.

Y·net Solutions can provide fixed wireless high speed internet services to our customers that have a sufficient line of sight with a broadcast site from as far as twenty miles away. If the location is within four miles from an access point, a line of sight might not even be necessary. However, some restrictions may still apply.

So why should you choose fixed wireless? Essentially, other internet providers that utilize dial-up, DSL or T1 services, fixed wireless internet access does not require any infrastructure from a telephone company. That means that the entire connection from you to the Internet is entirely owned and operated by only one single company which provides for greater efficiency and reliability for your connection. This means that you could have internet access service without long delays, long contractual commitments or costs relating to connecting through a telecom firm. For Mission Critical applications we can even bring in more than one wireless connection from multiple sites to act as a backup at a far lower cost than multiple T1's.

Why Go Wireless?

Y·net Solutions focus is providing large wireless internet access connections. We are a profitable company that focuses on customer satisfaction. We do not complicate our business, diluting our energy and expertise with numerous product lines. We are experts in installing and servicing Business Quality Wireless Broadband. Please search around our site and feel free to contact us. Or simply call with any questions: 303-431-2777.

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